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five per cent of those measured (see Chart A, No. 1), his length of legs rises to the hundred-per-cent class. The girth of the neck is small, but the low chest measurement is due to its rounded shape.

PSM V48 D200 Johnson demonstrates speed skating position.jpg
Fig. 4.—Johnson.

Its expansive power of seven inches is extraordinary in a chest of that shape. The muscle girths of his arms are exceeded by eighty per cent of young men, while the elbows and wrists show rather heavy bones. The rather small thigh girths will be due partly to their great length. The size of his calves shows about average development—to be attributed to bicycling largely—but the insteps are very large, and his photos show a flat foot. The neck and chest are broad, as would be the shoulders if he had better arm muscles. The "bicycle stoop," amounting almost to deformity in his case, brings the depth of chest up to the one-hundred-per-cent class. His lung capacity is very good, but he can not pull himself up by his arms more than two and a half times, and one dip on the parallels is the extent of his ability. His pulse is