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coal, the latter reprinted from a report by Robert Giffen to the British House of Commons.

The Report of the United States Commission to the Columbian Historical Exposition at Madrid comprises a brief account of the participation of the United States in the Exposition, by Rear-Admiral Luce, who was the commissioner-general for this country; a report by Dr. Daniel G. Brinton on the collections exhibited; catalogues of the anthropological, numismatic, historical, and other objects sent by various institutions and government departments of the United States; and descriptive essays on several classes of these objects. Mr. William E. Curtis furnishes a report on the historical part of the exhibit, which included seventy-seven portraits of Columbus, only one of which was made during his life, and a considerable number of pictures representing places identified with the life history of Columbus, or the remains of Spanish occupation in the United States, or subjects connected with the origin of the name America. Many of the portraits are reproduced, and other parts of the volume are fully illustrated.


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