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Mather, William Williams, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 550
Mathew«, Byron C. Sociology in Ethical Education 373
Mathews, F. Schuyler. The Significance of Leaves* 793
Meats, Nutritive Value of. (Frag.) 568
Mechanical Theory, Professor Ostwald on the. (Corr.) A. Llano 121
Mendenhall, T. C. The Metric System 721
Mental Capacity, A Measure of. E. Kraepelin 756
Metric System, Mr. Spencer and the, again. (Table) 410
Metric System, The. H. Spencer 186
Metric System, T. C. Mendenhall 721
Micronesia. (Frag.) 286
Mocker, Our Southern.* I. W. Blake 258
Moleschott, Jacob, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) E. P. Evans 399
Monetary Problem, The. L. G. McPherson 202
""The Development of the. L. G. McPherson 20
Murdoch, John. Dr. Nansen's "Throwing Stick. " 173

Nansen's, Dr., "Throwing Stick." J. Murdoch 173
Nevada Silver.* C. H. Shinn 734
Newbold, William Romaine. Illusions and Hallucinations 630
"""Posthypnotic and Criminal Suggestion 230
""""Spirit" Writing and "Speaking with Tongues" 508
"""Suggestion in Therapeutics 342
"""The Self and its Derangements 810
Niagara as a Timepiece.* J. W. Spencer 1

Obituary Notes
Ludwig Rütimeyer 144
John Russel Hind 432
Adalbert Krueger 432
Daubrée 576
Cristoforo Negri 720
Lord Lilford 862
Sir Joseph Prestwich 862
Lord Lilford 864
Heinrich Ernst Beyrich 864
Sir William Grove 864
Odors, Measure for. (Frag.) 858
Old Skull, New. (Frag.) 424
Opium is prepared, How. (Frag.) 284
Outerbridge, A. E., Jr. Pending Problems for Wage-Earners 57

Paints for Iron. (Frag.) 860
Parks, County. T. H. Macbride 369
Patriotism and Militarism. (Table) 122
Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl. C. S. Pratt 390
Peary Expedition, Scientific Acquisitions from the. (Frag.) 286
Petroleum-lamp Accidents. (Frag.) 282
Photographing Electrical Discharges.* W. E. Woodbury 305
Plant Breeding. (Frag.) 859
Plants, Alpine, Characteristics of. (Frag.) 571
"The Physiology of Color in.* D. T. Macdougal 71
Polar Expeditions, The Year's. (Frag.) 856
"Exploration, Continuous, Proposed System of. (With Map.) R. Stein 321