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alphabetically, an index has been added to insure the ready finding of every bit of information that the volume contains. (Appletons, $1.25).


The Wagner Free Institute of Science, of Philadelphia, issues in Volume IV of its Transactions a memoir by Dr. Joseph Leidy on Fossil Vertebrates from the Alachua Clays of Florida. Dr. Leidy was engaged on this memoir at the time of his death, and it has been completed and edited by Frederic A. Lucas. The specimens on which it is based are chiefly the bones and teeth of a species of rhinoceros and of a mastodon. Others pertain to three species of llama, to two of hippotherium, to a tapir, another species of rhinoceros, a mastodon, and a megatherium.


The chief articles in Nos. 4 and 5 of the Bulletin of the Department of Labor, May and July, 1896, are chapters iii and iv of the papers on Industrial Communities, by W. F. Willoughby, describing respectively the village of the Coal Mining Company of Blanzy, France, and that of the Iron and Steel Works of Friedrich Krupp, Essen, Germany. No. 4 contains also an article on the Sweating System, by Henry White, General Secretary of the United Garment Workers of America, in which statistics and abstracts of recent legislation are given. In No. 5 there is a set of statistics and an abstract of laws passed since 1885 concerning convict labor, which brings the greater part of the information in the special report of the department on this subject, made in 1886, down to date. Both numbers contain currrent information on a variety of other matters affecting labor.


Mr. George Haven Putnam has brought out a second edition of his Question of Copyright (Putnams, $1.75)—a book that is at once a valuable manual and a memorial of a noble struggle for honest dealings with foreign authors. The new edition brings the record of copyright laws in the chief countries of the world down to March, 1896; it contains a chapter on the results of the United States law of 1891, a summary of lawsuits concerned with the international provisions of that law, and other new matter. In a preface to the new edition Mr. Putnam, while admitting that our law works better than the friends of international copyright expected, points out ways in which he believes it should be modified.



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