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Books noticed: PAGE
Astronomy, The Dawn of. J. N. Lockyer 560
Atwood, J. E. Constituents of the Universe 564
Austin, O. P. Uncle Sam's Secrets 854
Bailey, L. H. The Principles of Fruit Growing 421
Baldwin, J. M. Social and Ethical Interpretation in Mental Development 559
Bardeen, C. W. Government Class-book of Michigan 711
Bayliss, C. K. In Brook and Bayou 275
Beard, J. C. Curious Homes and their Tenants 711
Bell, A. M. Science of Speech 423
Biology. The Living Substance. G. F. Andrews 709
— The Story of Germ Life. H. W. Conn 277
Blatchley, W. S. Geology of Indiana 851
Borden, J. Value 565
Botany. Botanical Observations on the Azores. W. Trelease 566
— Eighth Annual Report, Missouri Botanical Garden 565
— Tubeuf's Diseases of Plants induced by Cryptogamic Parasites. William G. Smith 132
Bourgougnon, A. Physical Problems and their Solutions 851
Brinton, D. G. Religions of Primitive Peoples 273
Bullock, C. J. Introduction to the Study of Economics 422
Chester, A. H. Catalogue of Minerals 564
Christiansen, C. Elements of Theoretical Physics 276
Climatology, A Handbook of Medical. E. S. Solly 130
Commelin, A. C. Not in It 711
Comstock, J. H. Insect Life 131
Conn, H. W. Story of Germ Life 277
Cooke, F. E. History for Young Readers (England) 132
Cooley, L. C. Physics 275
Crime and Criminals. J. S. Christison 423
Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences. Proceedings 1893 to 1897 565
Dixon, D. B. The Mechanical Arts Simplified 276
Dowden, E. A History of French Literature 562
Economics, Introduction to the Study of. C. J. Bullock 422
— Value. J. Borden 565
Edridge-Green, F. W. Memory 849
Education. Art. The True Industrial Education. W. T. Harris 135
— Bibliography of. W. S. Monroe 563
— From a Publisher's Standpoint 710
— Natural System of Vertical Handwriting. Newlands and Row 712
— Nature Study in Elementary Schools 853
— Report of Commissioner of, for 1895-'96 425
Education. The Kindergarten System. C. W. Bardeen 562
— The Social Mind and. G. E. Vincent 850
— Working System of Child Study for Schools. M. P. E. Groszman 566
Electricity. Induction Coil in Practical Work. L. Wright 566
Embryology. The Development of the Frog's Egg. T. H. Morgan 134
Entomology. Insect Life. J. H. Comstock 131
— Les Insectes Nuisibles. A. Acloque 276
— Life Histories of American Insects. C. M. Weed 564
Ethnology, Fifteenth Annual Report of Bureau of 133
— Fourteenth Annual Report of Bureau of 424
Evolution. The Descent of the Primates. A. A. W. Hubrecht 276
— The Present, of Man. G. A. Reid 272
Faith or Fact. H. M. Taber 564
French Literature, A History of. E. Dowden 562
Fruit Growing, Principles of. L. H. Bailey 421
Fuertes, J. H. Water and Public Health 134
Gamble, E. B. The God Idea of the Ancients 134
Geikie, Sir A. The Founders of Geology 560
Geography, Natural Elementary. J. W. Redway 275
Geological Survey, United States. Recent Bulletins 849
Geology of Indiana. W. S. Blatchley 851
— of New Jersey. Annual Report of State Geologist for 1896 710
— Suggestion for High School. R. S. Tarr 852
— The Founders of. A. Geikie, 560
Groszman, M. P. E. Working System of Child Study for Schools 566
Hallucinations and Illusions. E. Parish 561
Hardy, A. S. The Hall of Shells 853
Harris, W. T. Art Education, the True Industrial Education 135
Harvard Observatory Annals, Vol. XXVIII. Spectra of Bright Stars 133
Haveland, F. W. The Ancient Hebrew Significance of the Book of Genesis 852
Health of Body and Mind. T. W. Topham 565
Holbrook, M. L. Stirpiculture 853
Holt, L. E. Diseases of Infancy and Childhood 421
Hough, E. The Story of the Cowboy 420
Howard, Clifford. Sex Worship 277
Hubrecht, A. A. W. The Descent of the Primates 276
Induction Coil in Practical Work. L. Wright 566