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predicate an increase or decrease in the gold yield of Russia. The product of these last-mentioned countries in 1897 was:

India $7,247,500
Canada 6,027,100
Russia 23,245,700

"The increase in the principal countries mentioned above, of their gold product in 1898 over 1897, reduced to a table, gives a total of $52,195,000, as follows:

United States $8,420,000
South African Republic 22,167,000
Australia 13,108,000
Canada 8,000,000
India 500,000
Total $52,195,000

"The world's product in 1897 was $237,504,800. In 1898 it will probably not be less than $289,699,800. My opinion is that it will be somewhere between $290,000,000 and $300,000,000.

"If any further information reaches me within a week or two, I shall be glad to communicate it to you.

"Respectfully yours,
"George E. Roberts, Director of the Mint."

Agents' Estimate, January 1st, of the Production of Gold in the United States far 1898.

States and Territories. Gold.
Alaska $2,039,930
Arizona 3,185,490
California 14,883,721
Colorado 24,500,000
Idaho 2,273,902
Michigan 65,000
Montana 5,209,302
Nevada 2,959,731
New Mexico 360,000
Oregon 1,343,669
South Dakota 5,841,406
Texas 7,500
Utah 2,170,543
Washington 599,483
Wyoming 5,168
South Appalachian States 337,832
Total $65,782,677