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��The White Terror.

A Romance. By Felix Gras. Trans- lated from the Provencal by Mrs. Catharine A. Janvier. Uniform with "The Reds of the Midi" and "The Terror." i6mo. Cloth, $1.50.

��" M. Gras writes history as well a sfiction. In this and in his love of the people, the true patriots, M. Gras is perhaps best likened to those admirable fictional his- torians, Erckmann-Chatrian. He is a far greater artist ; he works in a field they left mostly untouched, but the analogy holds good. In these three France has a group of historical novelists of whom she may well be proud, and among them Felix Gras stands first, because the human interest of his stories is deeper, truer, more universal, and his grasp of the possibilities of plot, of the handling of intrigue, danger and escape, of devotion and of gratitude is masterly to the end. Among historical novel- ists Felix Gras has won high rank." — New York Mail and Express.

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The King's Mirror.

By Anthony Hope. 1 2mo. Illustrated. Cloth, $1.50.

"Surpasses all his earlier ventures." — Lo?idon Spectator.

" Animated, graceful, delicate in humor, and perfect in taste." — New'York Tribune.

" A strong book, charged with close analysis and exquisite irony ; a book full of pathos and moral fiber — in short, a book to be read." — Daily Chronicle, London.

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��These books are for sale by all booksellers ; or they will be sent ly mail on receipt of price by the publishers,

D. APPLETON AND COMPANY, 72 Fifth Avenue, New York.

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