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  1. * # The bound volumes o/The Popular Science Monthly form

an invaluable collection of contributions by eminent authorities to every department of scientific knowledge ', and a set of these volumes would be a precious addition to any private library.

Bound Volume LVI

��Popular Science Monthly

NOVEMBER, 1899 — APRIL, 1900


Price, including delivery charges,

Green Cloth, Gold Lettering, . . . $2.50

Some of the Features of this Volume are; Studies Of Childhood By Professor James Sully

Pleasures of the Telescope By Garrett p. Serviss

The University as a Scientific Workshop

By Prof. Dr. Friedrich Paulsen Symbols By Helen Zimmern

Bookbinding : Its Processes and Ideals

By T. J. Cobden Sanderson Unsolved Problems Of Science By the Marquis of Salisbury

The Need of Educated Men

By President David Starr Jordan

The Scientific Work of Tyudall By Lord Rayieigh

�� �