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and of hydraulic machinery, and of Mr. William Pole, an eminent engineer and man of science, best known, perhaps, to the general public as the author of the 'Evolution of Whist.'—Mr. John D. Rockefeller has made a further gift of one and a half million dollars to the University of Chicago.—Among the public bequests made by the late Henry Villard are $50,000 each to Harvard and Columbia Universities.—The Huxley Memorial Committee announces that the sum of about $17,000 has been subscribed for the statue now in the Natural History Museum, London, and for the Huxley gold medal to be awarded by the Royal College of Science.—The collection of minerals and meteorites made by Mr. Clarence S. Bement, of Philadelphia, has been acquired by the American Museum of Natural History, New York.—The Duke of the Abruzzi proposes to start from Buenos Ayres in 1902 on a voyage to explore the South Polar Seas. A ship is to be built in Italy for the purpose.—Drs. Sambon and Low have returned to England, after the summer spent in the mosquito-proof hut in the Roman Campagna. They are in excellent health, though it is said that the past summer was exceptionally malarious. For example, fifteen or sixteen police agents were sent to Ostia, and though they only remained a night in the place, they all developed fever.—The daily papers report that the Finlay theory of the propagation of yellow fever by mosquitoes has been further confirmed by the commission now studying the subject in Cuba. Cable despatches state that a monkey which had been bitten by an infected mosquito developed on the fourth day well-marked symptoms; that of six nonimmunes bitten by mosquitoes which had previously bitten yellow fever patients five developed yellow fever, while subjects who slept in infected clothing and bedding, but were guarded from mosquitoes, were untouched.—