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Economic Life of France, Edward D. Jones 287
Education 218
Education 329
"Two Contemporary Problems in, Paul H. Hanus 585
Eggs, Development of Unfertilized 443
Electrical Charges of Atoms 106
Elements, Inert 446
Elements, Inert 558
Ellis, Havelock, Study of British Genius 372
Ellis, Havelock, Study of British Genius 540
Ellis, Havelock, Study of British Genius 595
Emory, Frederic, The Foreign Trade of the United States 625
Energy and Work of the Human Body, Edward B. Rosa 208
Engineering 438
Engler's Die Naturlichen Pflanzenfamilien 661
Eros, The Planet, Solon I. Bailey 641
Evermann and Jordan on the Fishes of North and Middle America 100
Existence of Air in the Acid of Nitre. Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier 123
Explosive, High, Throwing from Powder Guns, Hudson Maxim 493
Fairbanks, Harold W., Pyramid Lake, Nevada 505

Famines and Sun Spots 335
Farrington, Oliver C., A Century of the Study of Meteorites 429
Fawcett, Waldon, Rapid Battleship Building 28
Ferments, Inorganic 220
Fish, Artificial Propagation of 335
"Commission 334
Fishes of North and Middle America Jordan and Evermann 100
Fleury's, Medicine and the Mind 216
Flies and Tvphoid Fever, L. O. Howard 249
Flournoy's Des Indes à la Planète Mars 217
Flow of Rocks 445
Folk-lore 440
Foreign, Plants, Introduction of 332
"Trade of the United States, Frederic Emory 625
Forest Reservations 222
Forestry 327
"Yale School of 221
"and Irrigation 332
Foundations of Knowledge, Ormond's 552
France, Economic Life of, Edward D. Jones 287
Freedom and 'Free-will,' George Stuart Fullerton 183
Frizell's Water Power 440
Fullerton, George Stuart, Freedom and 'Free-will,' 183

Garrison, George P., Scientific and Literary Historians 92
Genius, A Study of British, Havelock Ellis 372
Genius, A Study of British, Havelock Ellis 540
Genius, A Study of British, Havelock Ellis 595
"Men of, Origin of, C. W. Super 657
Geologist Awheel, William H. Hobbs 515
Geometry: Ancient and Modern, Edwin S. Crawley 257
Government, Science and the 556
Green's Vegetable Physiology 327
Growth of Cities 221

Habits, Formation of, in the Turtle, Robert Mearns Yerkes 519
Hanus, Paul H., Two Contemporary Problems in Education 585
Hastie on Kant's Cosmogony 659
Height and Weight of the Cuban Teachers, Dudley Allen Sargent 480
Historians, Scientific and Literary, George P. Garrison 92
History, Rescue Work in, David Starr Jordan 81
Hobbs, William H., The Geologist Awheel 515
Howard, L. O., Flies and Typhoid Fever 249
Huxley, T. H., Address before the Anthropological Department of the British Association 267
Huxley's Life and Work, Lord Avebury 337
Hypnotism in Mental and Moral Culture, Quackenbos's 214

Index to Literature of Animal Industry, Thompson's 328
Inert Elements 446
Inert Elements 558
Ingersoll's Nature's Calendar 99
Inoculation of Soils 220
Inorganic Ferments 220
Inventor of the Sewing Machine, Vindicator 551
Irrigation, Use of Water in 101
"and Drainage, King on 439
"Forestry and 332
Jastrow, Joseph, Christian Science 550

Jastrow's Fact and Fable in Psychology 328
Johnston and Mead on the Use of Water in Irrigation 101
Jones, Edward D., Economic Life of France 287
Jordan, David Starr, Rescue Work in History 81
Jordan and Evermann's Fishes of North and Middle America 100

Kant and the Nebular Hypothesis 659
Keeler, James Edward, W. W. Campbell 85
""Portrait of 2
King on Irrigation and Drainage 439
Knowledge and Belief 659
Lavoisier, Antoine-Laurent, Existence of Air in the Acid of Nitre 123
""Nature of Acids 127

Lavoisier 219
"Monument (frontispiece) 114