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The value of this vast inheritance, which is placed in our keeping for future generations, will depend upon how well we manage it. By this is not meant how well we protect the mature trees from the woodman's axe, but how well we protect the tender seedlings, that are to form the future forest, from being destroyed from outside influences.

Timber is grown but to be utilized, hence it is the duty of those having the reservations in charge to see that it is utilized at the proper time wherever accessible and of sufficient value to pay for the cutting.

PSM V59 D135 Olympic reservation region untouched by fire.png

Forests of same Region as shown tn previous Illustration where uninjured by Fire. Olympic Reservation, Washington.

It is far more important, however, at the present time, to preserve and improve every factor that leads toward the perpetuation of the forest and in keeping it at its best in reproduction and growth.

It is worth while to consider briefly the indirect value of the forest reservations from the standpoint of water conservation. Although this is a factor to be taken into account in considering the value to the nation of each of the reservations, nowhere is it more apparent than in Arizona and Southern California, where the scarcity of water and its utilization for purposes of irrigation give it enormous value. It is to