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of North America,' with almost all his types, as well as many types and paratypes obtained from Boisduval, Tryon, Reakirt, Henry Edwards, S. H. Scudder, and Dr. Herman Behr. The collection also includes the entire collection made by Theodore L. Mead, the types of all species described by the present Director of the Museum, numerous types of species described by Lord Walsingham, E. L. Ragonot, Arthur G. Butler, Sir George Hampson, William Doherty, Dr. Henry Skinner and others, and cotypes of a multitude of species obtained from various authors in different parts of the world. There are over three thousand types and cotypes in the collection of Lepidoptera. The collection is particularly rich in North American, Japanese, Indian and African species. The Knyvett collection of Indian Lepidoptera was purchased

PSM V59 D022 Henry Ulke and Frederick S Webster.jpg
Henry Ulke. Frederick S. Webster.

by Mr. Carnegie some years ago. It contains over three thousand species of Indian Lepidoptera, mostly represented by large series of specimens. Large portions of the collections made by Doherty in India and in the Malay Archipelago are also here. The micro-lepidoptera of Japan, collected by the late Henry Pryer, of Yokohama, are also incorporated in the collection, having been purchased in 1887, a year before the lamented death of Pryer. Latterly extensive additions have been made in the form of material secured from various localities in Africa, Mexico and Central America, and from the continent of South America, the latter principally through the labors of Herbert H. Smith. The assemblage of coleoptera, comprising among other things the collections of the late Dr. Hamilton, of Allegheny, and of Henry