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A good museum is a collection of good labels, illustrated by carefully selected specimens.' Much time and thought has been expended in the endeavor to tell to the observer in simple and intelligible language the truth which the collections are intended to illustrate. In order to enlist the interest of children a series of prizes has been annually offered to the pupils in the high-schools and the upper classes in the grammar-schools of the city of Pittsburgh. The prizes are awarded to those who shall write the best essay upon some subject illustrated by the collections contained in the Museum. Thirty-eight prizes,

PSM V59 D029 Andrew carnegie naturalists club in session.png

A Section of the Andrew Carnegie Naturalists' Club in Session.

ranging in value from $35 to $2, were offered in 1900. Eight hundred and forty-three essays were submitted in competition. The decision of the awards is made by a committee of judges consisting of thirty of the most cultivated ladies and gentlemen of the city, among them a number of eminent clergymen, lawyers, editors and authors. The plan requires on the part of the contestants a personal visit to the Museum and the study of the collections. During the month preceding the close of the contest the Museum was at times crowded by eager throngs of intelligent boys and girls armed with note-books and pencils. The delicious compliment of imitation has been paid to the Carnegie Mu-