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should be able to see the chromosphere, prominences and corona without any artificial aid. The brightness of the inner corona is about the same as that of the ordinary sky near the sun. If then one could find

PSM V60 D256 Solar corona of the 1889 eclipse.png
Fig. 6. Solar Corona. Eclipse of 1889. Near Sunspot Minimum. Harvard Eclipse Party, Willows, California.
PSM V60 D256 Solar corona of the 1900 eclipse.png
Fig. 7. Solar Corona. Eclipse of 1900. Near Sunspot Minimum. Made by Mr. C A. R. Lundin at Southern Pines, N. C.

a locality where the sky was extraordinarily clear, he might hope, by placing a shield in front of the sun itself, to see these fainter features. The writer of this article made an attempt several years ago in this