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Andrew's University on October 23, on the occasion of the installation of Mr. Andrew Carnegie as rector.—Mr. William Sellers has been nominated for the presidency of the American Society; of Mechanical Engineers.—Professor Kohlrausch, president of the Reichsanstalt, has been elected a foreign member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Mb. John Morley has given the library of the late Lord Acton to Cambridge University. It will be remembered that this valuable historical library of some 70,000 volumes was purchased some time ago by Andrew Carnegie from Lord Acton, who was allowed to retain it until his death. Upon Lord Acton's death Mr. Carnegie gave the library unconditionally to Mr. Morley.—

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It is announced that the entomological collection of the late John Ackhurst, of Brooklyn, containing some 50.000 specimens, has been purchased for the zoological department of the University of Chicago.—The collection of the birds of Holland, formed by Baron Snouckaert van Schauburg and mounted by Tar Meer, the celebrated Dutch taxidermist, has been purchased by the Carnegie Museum.

A commemorative tablet has been placed on the house at Favières in which Professor A. A. Liébeault was born. It states that he opened a new era in the medical sciences by his discovery of the systematic application of suggestion and induced sleep in the treatment of disease. The tablet was unveiled in the presence of Professor Liébeault on his seventy-ninth birthday.—An effort is being made by the mayor and municipal council of St.Just-en-Chaussée, Oise, France, to raise a memorial to two famous men who were born in that town, the brothers Haüy-René Just, founder of mineralogy as an exact science, and Valentin, the philanthropist, who founded the first school for the blind.