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will be placed in the main room and will constitute a fine presentation of the geology of Springfield and vicinity. Botany shares with geology the left side of the main hall. Under this division there is an extensive

PSM V63 D049 Some of the displays in the museum.png

The Museum of Natural History. Some of the Cases.

herbarium of local flora, specimens of woods of North America and the Bahamas, that show tangential, cross and radial sections, and illustrations of the cocoanut palm, Indian corn and vegetable fibers.

PSM V63 D049 View of the displays from the entrance.png

The Museum of Natural History. View from Near Entrance

Zoology, on the east side of the room, is represented by a very complete collection of local birds in the form of individual specimens and as groups in reproductions of the natural environment. There are fifteen of these groups, and they comprise the following species: song