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and over 1,300,000 acres owned by individuals or companies. Of these lands about 1,000,000 acres are forest, about 700,000 acres lumbered, 48,000 waste, 43,000 burned, 48.000 denuded, 22,000 wild meadows, 100,000 improved and 125,000 water. During the last year reforestation was undertaken on a tract of 700 acres, the seedlings being

PSM V63 D098 Planting on deforested land.png

Planting on Burned Land, once covered with White Pine.

PSM V63 D098 Planting on reclaimed meadow land.png

Planting on Old Beaver Meadow near Lake Clear Junction.

obtained from the nurseries of the State College of Forestry. Illustrations are given showing the state of the land before reforestation. The total expenses were $2,500 or less than one half a cent a plant. Owing to the organization of fire wardens, the loss from forest fires is greatly decreasing, It amounted last year only to $9,000,