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PSM V64 D097 St nicholas terrace facade main building.png

St. Nicholas Terrace Facade—Main Building.

printing office. He was called to the presidency of Knox College five years after graduating from it. He had pursued graduate studies at the Johns Hopkins University and had been secretary of the State Charities Aid Association of New York. He resigned the presidency of Knox College after seven years of useful service, and was engaged on the editorial staff of Harper's Weekly and McClure's Magazine. In 1900 he was called to

PSM V64 D097 Gymnasium and sub freshman building.png

Gymnasium and Sub-Freshman Building.

the professorship of politics at Princeton University. And this wide experience he has gained before the age of forty. From his administration of the college much may be expected.

The new buildings of the college, some illustrations of which are here shown, are worthy not only of the work that the college has done, but also of what may be expected from it. They stand on rising ground a mile north of Columbia University, occupy-