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tember must now be sketched in broad outlines and the details of the performance indicated by the barest reference to a few cases which may be taken as typical. Here the writer, lacking an adequate grasp of the whole, must be limited for illustration to the parts of the program with which he happens to be somewhat familiar.

Most of the members of the congress reached St. Louis on the morning of Monday, the nineteenth, registering in the exposition's Hall of Congresses, reserved as the official headquarters. The foreign guests were largely accommodated within the grounds in the dormitories of Washington University. The expenses of all the principal

PSM V66 D013 Professors picard moore and maschke at the st louis congress.png

Picard. Moore. Maschke.
Professor E. H. Moore of the University of Chicago presided, and M. Emile Picard of the Sorbonne and Professor H. Maschke of the University of Chicago gave the Addresses before the Section of Algebra and Analysis.