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PSM V66 D018 Professors of the cosmical physics at the st louis congress.png

Rotch. Arrhenius. Nipher. Clayton. Bauer.
After the Adjournment of the Section of Cosmical Physics. The Addresses were given by Professor Svante Arrhenius, of the University of Stockholm, and Dr. A. L. Rotch, Director of the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory. Dr. L. A. Bauer, of Washington, was Secretary.

historian of religion was said to be especially concerned with the workings of an incalculable supernatural factor, which indeed no history can wisely ignore.

The spirit of mental science, subsumed under which were psychology and sociology, was voiced by Dr. G. Stanley Hall, an eager student of human life, who has achieved an encyclopedic learning; the creator of a school in the investigation of problems in mental science conceived and approached in a singularly generous spirit, who has made Clark University, of which he has been president since it was founded, preeminently an institution for psychological research; while, as teacher, editor and organizer, he has inspired an enthusiasm for the