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In crossing it makes no difference which sex is taken as the male parent; it all depends upon the hereditary tendencies of the sex.

Crosses of wild species yield results similar to those from cultivated species, hut the latter are more available. The white blackberry is a wild variation crossed with the Lawton for size and vigor; the result is a

PSM V66 D216 Blacberry hybrid leaves.png

Leaves of a Blackberry Hybrid, all grown from Seed of One Plant.

much clearer white than the wild one, larger, and very much more productive, in these respects fully equal to its staminate parent, the Lawton.

Apples brought up from the south temperate zone are entirely confused here, yielding leaves, buds, flowers and small apples at various seasons. One of these apples in time, however, became adapted to the conditions and developed into one of the best apples in Mendocino County.