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Dr. Benno Erdmann, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Bonn, who gave one of the Addresses on the Methodology of Science.

some cases by two foreigners, in others by two Americans, but in most of them by a foreigner and an American scholar in turn.

Philosophy must again serve for illustration. The problems and relations of metaphysics were grappled with by two live thinkers, both authors of important recent books of a strictly metaphysical nature. The first was Professor A. E. Taylor, of McGill University, reputed for his firm and clear grasp of fundamental metaphysical and ethical problems and an exceptional acuteness in analysis. The second was Alexander T. Ormond, Princeton's influential teacher of philosophy, known as one of the few profoundly constructive metaphysical teachers among Americans, and a veritable paragon of synthesis in philosophy.

The philosophy of religion was shared by two eminent Germans.