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PSM V66 D028 K mitsukuri who gave an address on oceanography.pngProfessor K. Mitsukuri, of the University of Tokio, who gave an Address on Oceanography. the Dutch astronomer Kapteyn, of Groningen, celebrated for his measurements of stellar distances, discoursed on astronomy. Our own Campbell, of the Lick Observatory, delivered an admirable address on astrophysics, along with Turner, of Oxford. The section of paleontology, with Scott, of Princeton, in the chair, and John M. Clarke, PSM V66 D028 Julius wesiner who gave an address on plant physiology.pngProfessor Julius Wiesner, of the University of Vienna, who gave an Address on Plant Physiology. New York the tetrahedral carbon atom in explanation of the behavior of substances chemically identical which nevertheless react differently to polarized light, thus creating the science of stereo chemistry.

Besides Backlund, of Russia,