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I N D E X.

Academic Buildings 577
Adolescence, The Natural History of, Joseph Jastrow 457
Age and Eminence, Edwin G. Dexter 538
Agricultural Distribution of Immigrants, Robert DeC. Ward 166
Agriculture, The U. S. Department of 293
American Association 382
""Presidential address 386
""The Affiliated Societies 389
Angel Stone at New Harmony, David Starr Jordan 187
Arts and Science, International Congress of, Wm. Harper Davis 5
Astronomy: The Light of the Stars, E. C. Pickering 46
"An Address on Astrophysics, W. W. Campbell 297

Bacteriology, Simple, for the Public Schools, Lillian Chapin 474
Bear, The Inland White, W. J. Holland 481
Bell, A. N., Stamina 449
Bermuda Islands and the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Edward L. Mark 393
Bermuda Islands and the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Edward L. Mark 556
Birth Rate Again 576
Bishop, William Warner, A Decade of Library Progress in America 131
Botanical Laboratory in the Desert, Francis E. Lloyd 329
Bowen, Edwin W., Authority in English Pronunciation 544
Brown, Ernest W., Sunspots and Weather 505
Burbank, Luther, Some Experiments of, David Starr Jordan 201

Campbell, W. W., An Address on Astrophysics 297
Carnegie Institution of Washington 287
Carnegie Institution of Washington 482
Cattell, J. McKeen, The Conceptions and Methods of Psychology 176
""Examinations, Grades and Credits 367
Chamberlin. T. C., The Methods of the Earth Sciences 66
Chapin, Lillian, Simple Bacteriology for the Public Schools 474
Chemistry, Inorganic, Present Problems of, William Ramsay 33
"Physiological, The Present Problems of, Russell H. Chittenden 150
"Technical, Some Present Problems in, W. H. Walker 435
Chinese and Japanese Immigration, Allan McLaughlin 117
Chittenden, Russell H., The Present Problems of Physiological Chemistry 150
Clarke, John M., The Menace to Niagara 489
College Professors, American, The Status of. John J. Stevenson 122
Columbia University, The Hundred and Fifteenth Anniversary of 195
Composition, Characteristic Curves of, De Morgan and, T. C. Mendenhall 379
"Raymond Pearl 97
"Raymond Pearl 188
Congress of Arts and Science, The International, Wm. Harper Davis 5
Convocation Week at the University of Pennsylvania 289
Convocation Week at the University of Pennsylvania 380
Correspondence and Shorter Articles 187
Correspondence and Shorter Articles 379
Correspondence and Shorter Articles 478
Correspondence and Shorter Articles 573
Credits and Grades and Examinations, J. McKeen Cattell 367

Dall, William Healey, The Relations of the Land and Fresh-water Mollusk Fauna of Alaska and Eastern Siberia 362
Darboux, Gaston, A Study of the Development of Geometric Methods 412
Davis, Wm. Harper, The International Congress of Arts and Science 5
DeMorgan, and the 'Sherman Principle,' Raymond Pearl 188
"and Characteristic Curves of Composition, T. C. Mendenhall 379
Desert, Botanical Laboratory in the, Francis E. Lloyd 329
Dexter, Edwin G., Age and Eminence 538
Discussion and Shorter Articles 187
Discussion and Shorter Articles 379
Discussion and Shorter Articles 478
Discussion and Shorter Articles 573
Distribution of Immigrants, Agricultural, Robert DeC. Ward 166
Drown, Thomas Messinger 294

Earth Sciences, The Methods of the, T. C. Chamberlin 66
Education, Higher of Women, and Race Suicide, Lapthorn Smith 466