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I N D E X.

Adaptation, Individual, to Environment, Joseph Hershey Bair 440
Adirondacks, Physiography of the, James Furman Kemp 195
Africa, South, With the British Association, Ernest W. Brown 5
Africa, South, With the British Association, Ernest W. Brown 145
Agriculture, Department of, Work under Secretary Wilson 187
Alaska, The Geologic Survey of, Alfred Brooks 42
Albacore, The Yellow-fin, David Starr Jordan 376
American Association, The New Orleans Meeting of 188
Animals and Plants, Concerning Variations in, David Starr Jordan 481
Ant, The Queen, as a Psychological Study, William Morton Wheeler 291

Baeyer, von, Professor Adolf 286
Bair, Joseph Hershey, Individual Adaptation to Environment 440
Baird, Spencer Fullerton, T. D. A. Cockerell 63
Bird Photography in Norway, R. W. Shufeldt 464
Bolton, H. Carrington, The Jewsharp 239
Bowen, Edwin W., What is Slang? 127
Brooks, Alfred, The Geologic Survey of Alaska 42
Brown, Ernest W., With the British Association in South Africa 5
Brown, Ernest W., With the British Association in South Africa 145

California Coast, Earthquake on 566
Carlton, Frank T., Urban and Rural Life 255
Carnegie, Andrew, A League of Peace 398
Carnegie, Institution, The Work of 284
"The Solar Observatory of 378
"Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 570
Chamberlain, Alexander F., The Human Side of the Indian 503
China's Ancient System of Literary Examinations, The Passing of, Charles Keyser Edmunds 99
Chinese Education, The Content of, Charles Keyser Edmunds 29
Cockerell, T. D. A., Spencer Fullerton Baird 63
Cockroaches, Geological History of, E. H. Sellards 244
Colleges, American, The Honor System in, W. Le Conte Stevens 176
Commonwealth, Wealth of the, its Consumption and Conservation, A. C. Lane 166
Contests, Intercollegiate, John J. Stevenson 84
Convocation Week Meetings of Scientific Societies 88
Copernicus, The Earliest Predecessors of, Charles R. Eastman 323
Corn, An Ear of, T. G. Montgomery 55
Crichton-Brown, James, A Sanitary Outlook 349

Despoliation of the Black Locust Tree, Charles A. White 211
Dexter, Edwin G., Newspaper Football 261
Digits, Extra, and Digital Reductions, Charles W. Prentiss 336
Directories, Two German 94
Disease and the Remedy, Alfred E. P. Rockwell 446
Dutton, C. E., Volcanos and Radioactivity 543

Earthquake, On the California Coast 566
Earthquakes, Times and places of, H. H. Turner 537
Eastman, Charles R., The Earliest Predecessors of Copernicus 323
Edmunds, Charles Keyser, The Content of Chinese Education 29
"The Passing of China's Ancient System of Literary Examinations 99
Education, Chinese, The Content of, Charles Keyser Edmunds 29
Eclipse Expedition to Spain, S. A. Mitchell 551
Eigenmann, C. H., Fresh-water Fishes of South and Middle America 515
Ellis, Havelock, The Psychology of Yellow 456
Engineering Building of New York City 567
Environment, Individual Adaptation to, Joseph Hershey Bair 440
Evolution, Trial and Error as a Factor in, W. B. Pillsbury 276
Examinations, Literary, China's Ancient System of, Charles Keyser Edmunds 99