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Pests, Introduced Insect, National Control of, E. Dwight Sanderson, 431
Photography, Bird, in Norway, R. W. Shufeldt, 464
Physiography of the Adirondacks, James Furman Kemp, 195
Pillsbury, W. B., Trial and Error as a Factor in Evolution, 276
Plants and Animals, Variations in, David Starr Jordan, 481
Pond, Raymond, How Rooting Aquatic Plants Influence Nutrition of Food Fishes of Great Lakes, 251
Prentiss, Charles W., Extra Digits and Digital Reductions, 336
Prizes, Nobel, Award of, 91
Progress of Science, 88
Progress of Science, 187
Progress of Science, 283
Progress of Science, 377
Progress of Science, 473
Progress of Science, 566
Psychological Study, The Queen Ant as a, William Morton Wheeler, 291
Psychology of Yellow, Havelock Ellis, 456

Radioactivity, Volcanos and, C. E. Dutton, 543
Reductions, Digital, Extra Digits and, Charles W. Prentiss, 336
Remedy, The Disease and, Alfred E. P. Rockwell, 446
Report of the President of Harvard University, 475
Research, Scientific, The Rewards of, 283
"The Greatest Need in, M. V. O'Shea, 328
Rockwell, Alfred E. P., The Disease and the Remedy, 446
Royal Society Medals awarded, 96
Rural and Urban Life, Frank T. Carlton, 255

Sanderson, E. Dwight, National Control of Introduced Insect Pests, 431
Sanitary Outlook, James Crichton-Brown, 349
Science, Progress of, 88
Science, Progress of, 187
Science, Progress of, 283
Science, Progress of, 377
Science, Progress of, 473
Science, Progress of, 566
"A Contribution to the Theory of, Wilhelm Ostwald, 219
Scientific, Societies, Convocation Week Meetings of, 88
"Items, 96
"Items, 192
"Items, 288
"Items, 384
"Items, 479
"Items, 571
"Research, The Rewards of, 283
Sellards, E. H., Geological History of Cockroaches, 244
Sex, The Determination of, 93
Shorter Articles, 376
Shorter Articles, 564
Shufeldt, R. W., Bird Photography in Norway, 464
Slang. What is, Edwin W. Bowen, 127
Smithson, James, The Tomb of, 478
Solar Observatory of the Carnegie Institution, 378
Spanish American Type, Gustave Michaud, 564
Speech, The Lapses of, Joseph Jastrow, 119
Stevens, W. Le Conte, The Honor System in American Colleges, 176
Stevenson, John J., Intercollegiate Contests, 84
Submarine Navigation, William H. White, 266
Survey, Geologic, of Alaska, Alfred Brooks, 42

Tamura, S. Tetsu, Recent Advances in Meteorology and Meteorological Service in Japan, 139
Tarr, Ralph S., Watkins Glen and other Gorges of the Finger Lake Region of Central New York, 387
Teaching, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of, 570
Theory of Science, A Contribution to the, Wilhelm Ostwald, 219
Tomb of James Smithson, 478
Tree, The Black Locust, and its Despoliation, Charles A. White, 211
Trial and Error as a Factor in Evolution, W. B. Pillsbury, 276
Turner, H. H., Times and Places of Earthquakes, 537

Universities, State, of Central West, Growth of, 478
University, Harvard, Report of the President, 475
Urban and Rural Life, Frank T. Carlton, 255
Utilization of Fat, The Body's, Frank S. Mathews, 425

Variations in Animals and Plants, David Starr Jordan, 481
Veblen, Oscar, The Foundations of Geometry, 21
Volcanos and Radioactivity, C. E. Dutton, 543

Warren Museum of Natural History, 380
Watkins Glen and other Gorges of the Finger Lake Region of Central New York, Ralph S. Tarr, 387
Wealth of the Commonwealth, its Consumption and Conservation, A. C. Lane, 166
Wheeler, William Morton, The Queen Ant as a Psychological Study, 291
White, Charles A., The Black Locust Tree and its Despoliation, 211
White, William H., Submarine Navigation, 266
Wilson, Secretary, Work of the Department of Agriculture under, 187
Wood, Horatio G. Jr., Facts about Nostrums, 531

Yellow, The Psychology of, Havelock Ellis, 456

Zoological Museum and Laboratories of the University of Liverpool, 382