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Wherever the shock was specially strong there was considerable injury to trees; some were overturned, others broken near the ground, and yet others broken near their tops. A number of large redwood trees standing on the line of the rift were split from the ground upward, the basal portions being faulted along with the ground they stood on.

In the systematic survey of the earthquake area the relative intensity is being estimated by means of the records of various physical

PSM V69 D112 San francisco street after the earthquake.png

Fig. 9. Street Scene in San Francisco, showing effect of the earthquake on filled ground. The distant part of the street probably retains its original level and position. Nearer by the ground has settled several feet and has also moved to the left.

effects. In the immediate vicinity of the fault road-cracks and cracks in alluvium are large and numerous; many trees were broken or overturned; there were many landslides; half of the wooden buildings of any village or hamlet were shifted horizontally, often with serious injury; buildings and chimneys of brick or stone were thrown down;