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cussed in the sessions of the house of delegates were largely those referred to in the address of the president. The strength of the association is indicated by the fact that it has nearly 25.000 members and an annual income of about $275,000. Its Journal is an important factor in organization and in the advancement of medical science.

For the presentation and discussion of scientific papers the association is divided into numerous sections. The programs at Boston were better than ever before, but the papers were very diverse in method and uneven in value. The scientific exhibits were unusually good, and were seen to much advantage in the new Harvard medical buildings, themselves an exhibit of unsurpassed importance.



The new buildings of the Harvard Medical School are beautiful beyond illustration or description. They are a renaissance and reincarnation of the spirit of Greek simplicity, dignity and perfection. It is probable that there are no other academic or public buildings in America having equal distinction and beauty. This, at least, was the impression made on the present writer, in spite of garden parties and unkempt surroundings. This opinion, if conferred by competent judges, deserves special emphasis, because the laboratories and lecture-rooms have not been put into buildings designed to look well, but the buildings were made for their uses in accordance with plans of