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PSM V70 D018 Intake no 2 looking out towards the river oct 17 1905.png

Intake No. 2, looking out toward the river. October 17, 1905.

The seventh attempt was pushed with even greater determination than the sixth. A larger corps of men was employed, and the work was planned upon a more substantial scale. It progressed quite slowly on account of high water at different times, but at last it is finished, and the engineers feel confident that the problem, after a year and a half, is now solved. The gates were declared completed about the middle of July, but on account of the swollen condition of the Colorado River they have not yet been tested. The gate on the California side is constructed to admit 20,000 cubic feet per second, and the present flow of the river is in excess of 30,000 cubic feet per second. As soon as the river goes down to its normal condition the gate will be tested, and the engineers who have managed its construction assert that there is no possibility of its not standing the test.

PSM V70 D018 Details of the 6th attempt nov 20 1905.png

Details of Sixth Attempt, November 20, 1905.