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PSM V70 D400 Crushed walls of the jamaica club.png

Fig 9. Showing the East Walls of the Jamaica Club. Crushing of the walls by the roof and of the first story by ceilings and partitions. The majority of the first stories remained intact.

PSM V70 D400 Damaged statue of queen victoria.pngFig. 10. Statue of Queen Victoria, twisted an Eighth Turn Counter-clockwise from the South.

The line of intensity of the earthquake destruction apparently extended to a greater distance northward than to the east or west. For at Buff and Annotta Bays on the north shore, the destruction was but little less than at Kingston. Furthermore, the shock was felt at Santiago to the north and not at Haiti to the east or on land to the west of Jamaica. The inference is that the locus of the disturbance originated in a line of north-south faulting rather than in an area of less linear extent. The north-south fault-lines extending throughout the island, as noted before, and some probable fault lines extending in a similar direction through Cuba (marked by sharp valleys) may indicate in a general way the direction of possible faulting at the present time. It might be noted that this line of faulting lies at a considerable angle with the general trend of the Antillean folding. The