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PSM V74 D428 View in culebra cut near empire looking south.png

View in Culebra Cut, near Empire, Looking South.

head of which, with dominating influence in the commission's executive affairs, was Mr. T. P. Shonts.

This commission was appointed on April 3, 1905. Two months later President Roosevelt named a board of consulting engineers, to whom he submitted the question of canal type. Thirteen engineers accepted the invitation to participate in the deliberations of this board of engineers.

The board, as finally constituted, consisted of: Geo. W. Davis, Major General U. S. Army (retired), chairman; Alfred Noble, chief engineer of the East River Division P., N. Y. & L. I. R. R.; Wm. Barclay Parsons, chief engineer of the New York Subway; Wm. H. Burr, professor of civil engineering, Columbia University; Henry L. Abbot, Brigadier

PSM V74 D428 Steam shovels loading ledgerwoods flats in culebra cut.png

Steam Shovels loading Ledgerwood Flats on East Side of Culebra Cut just South of Gold Hill.