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Alfred Giard.



We regret to record the deaths of Dr. H. M. Boye, the chemist, who at the age of ninety-seven years was the only surviving founder of the American Association; of Dr. Persifor Frazer, the chemist and geologist of Philadelphia; of Mark Vernon Slingerland, who held the chair of economic entomology at Cornell University, and of Dr. William Jones, who was killed while engaged in anthropological explorations in the Philippines. Among foreign men of science, we note with regret announcements of the deaths of Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus, professor of philosophy at Halle, and of Professor Arthur Gamgee, F.R.S., the physiologist.

The centenary of the birth of Oliver Wendell Holmes has been celebrated at Harvard University, where he was professor of anatomy and physiology from 1847 to 1882.—Congress has appropriated $5,000 for the erection of a memorial to Major J. W. Powell, on the brink of the Grand Canyon of the Colo-