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After this article was in type and the proof had been returned to the editor there was received from the plaintiff's attorney in this action the following letter, written by the plaintiff's wife:


Washington, D. C., April 26th, 1909.

My dear Mr. S:—

I fear that I am too happy to express myself intelligently, but you can understand the cause when I say Mr. P. has walked and it came about from a fright produced by the falling of plaster from the ceiling at three o'clock in the morning. Of course we were all sound asleep and when the crash came, I thought some one had bursted in the door and I went into hysterical convulsions and Mr. P. found himself several feet from the bed. He is very weak, but the Doctor says that he thinks he will gradually regain his strength as the sensibility has returned to his limbs. Oh, we all are so supremely happy and I feel sure that the Lord in his own good time will restore my boy to health.

Very respectfully,
Mrs. V————  P————.