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trip itself is of social and educational value. Many teachers will combine attendance on the sessions at Denver with a visit to the Rocky Mountains, several views of which are here reproduced.



We record with regret the deaths of Dr. Frank Leo Tufts, A.B., adjunct professor of physics in Columbia University; of Dr. W. H. Edwards, known for his work on the butterflies of North America, and of the Rev. Dr. Sereno E. Bishop, who had made contributions to our knowledge of the Hawaiian volcanoes.

The following new members of the National Academy of Sciences were elected at the meeting on April 22, 1909: Professor Joseph S. Ames, Johns Hopkins University; Professor Maxime Bôcher, Harvard University; Professor Oskar Bolza, University of Chicago; Mr. Frank W. Clarke, U. S. Geological Survey; Dr. John M. Clarke, New York State Museum; Professor John M. Coulter, University of Chicago; Professor Henry Crew, Northwestern University; Professor Thomas Hunt Morgan, Columbia University; Mr. Waldemar Lindgren, U. S. Geological Survey; Professor Henry L. Wheeler, Yale University. The following were elected foreign associates: Professor Albrecht Penck, University of Berlin; Professor Gustaf Retzius, Stockholm; Professor Wilhelm Waldeyer, University of Berlin; Professor Wilhelm Wundt, University of Leipzig.

The following new members have been elected to the American Philosophical Society: Louis A. Bauer, William Howard Taft, Washington, D. C.; Marston Taylor Bogert, Hermon Carey Bumpus, Dr. Alexis Carrel, A. V. Williams Jackson, New York; Edwin Brant Frost, Williams Bay, Wis.; Robert Aimer Harper, Charles Richard Van Hise, Madison, Wis.; William Herbert Hobbs, Victor Clarence Vaughan, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Abbott Lawrence Lowell, Boston; William Romaine Newbold, John Frederick Lewis, Charles Bingham Penrose, Philadelphia; Francis Darwin, Cambridge, England; Hermann Diels, Emil Fischer, Berlin; Friedrich Kohlrausch, Marburg; Wilhelm F. Ph. Pfeffer, Leipzig.