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PSM V77 D092 Gull nest with eggs nearly ready to hatch.png

Fig. 19. Gull's Nest on Rotten Log, with eggs starred and nearly ready to hatch, probably belonging to a bird which had earlier failed, but had renewed its activities in time to sucessfully rear young. July 20.

stayed at terms 3 or 4. Now it might be supposed that those nests which appear in middle or late July (Figs. 17-18) were the work of young birds, or of others which for some cause had not met with earlier success, but this is certainly not always the case. For the space of several day's I watched a pair of gulls, which had large chicks to feed, and repeatedly saw them leave their young and begin the construction of a new nest about a rod from the old one. The female would split

PSM V77 D092 White headed eagle nest of the first year 1900.png

Fig. 20. White-beaded Eagle's Nest of the First Year, built in 1900, by the owners of the eerie shown in Fig. 21, which was destroyed the previous winter. The nest is considerably broader than tall.