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PSM V80 D126 Statue of the ideal german working man 1911.png
The Ideal Workman. By Professor Hosaelus, Berlin.

The toxic substances contained in alcohol, tea, coffee and tobacco and their influences on longevity and human happiness were all exhibited in a most tangible form. Table and kitchen utensils of the most varied composition and form were shown in separate cases.

A special group was devoted to housing, showing the best methods of heating, ventilating, illuminating and cleaning our dwellings.

In the group of occupational hygiene the visitor was shown the dangerous influences to which workmen are exposed in the different factories and the beneficial appliances recently devised and put into operation to prevent them.

The visitor was thus prepared to pass into the section in which the common infectious diseases of man were shown, how they originate and how they are best prevented, at the same time exhibiting busts of the