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PSM V80 D461 The great pyramid observatory.png
The Great Pyramid Observatory.

descending passage which looked at the pole-star and thence by an ascending one at about the same angle which opens into it. It is one hundred and fifty-seven feet long, twenty-eight feet high and about eight feet wide. Along the center of its floor a smooth stone flagging ascends, flanked on either side by raised curbs or ramps half as wide each as the central paved pit. These curbs are not continuous but are cut at approximately equal intervals of about five and a half feet by notches with vertical edges. There is no doubt that these were for the insertion of benches, as the notches tally on opposite sides. At about sixteen feet from the bottom the central incline stops in a vertical wall which descends to a horizontal pavement, giving entrance to the corridor which runs to the Queen's apartment.

The roof of the gallery is everywhere smaller than the floor, so that

PSM V80 D461 Passage ways of the great pyramid.png
Vertical Section of the Great Pyramid, showing the Ascending and Descending Passages, Grand Gallery and Queen's Chamber.