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PSM V80 D545 Yosemite falls.png
Photograph by H. C. Best.
Yosemite Falls. The upper fall is 1,430 feet; then come cascades, partly hidden, in which the fall is 675 feet, and finally a drop of 820 feet.

national parks, was created. Other parks were created as follows: The Yosemite, Sequoia and General Grant in 1890, the Mount Rainier National Park in 1899, the Crater Lake and Platt national parks in 1902, the Wind Cave National Park in 1903, the Sullys Hill National Park in 1904, the Mesa Verde National Park in 1906 and the Glacier National Park in 1910. Bills are now pending in congress for the creation of the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, the Peter Lassen, Mount Shasta and Lake Tahoe National Parks in California, the Mount Olympus National Park in Washington, the Saddle Mountain