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PSM V80 D071 Problem of city milk supply 1 1912.png

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horses. The cow, which furnishes the most valuable food for the human race, is thus neglected, while the horse, which is used for work only, is kept in good condition. Even from financial considerations should cows receive great care.

And what is the condition of cleanliness of those who attend to the milking? Do they change their clothes for-clean ones before milking? Do they wash their hands? Far from it. Any suit of clothes, covered in some cases by dirty overalls, is good enough for tending the cow. The hands are not washed and just before milking are wetted with milk, water or even with saliva. Thus the dirt is washed from the udder into the milk. The virus of contagious diseases is sometimes carried from

PSM V80 D071 Problem of city milk supply 2 1912.png

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