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Smokers would accordingly furnish 71 per cent, of the lowest marks, and the non-smokers only 29 per cent. The smokers would furnish 31 per cent, of the highest marks, and the non-smokers 69 per cent.

The combined conditions and failures of the two classes of men are shown in the following table:

No. of Men Total Conditions
and Failures
Smokers 82 70 .853
Non-smokers 98 43 .439

The smokers furnish twice as many conditions and failures as do the non-smokers.

The following suggestive points are brought out in this investigation:

1. Only half as many smokers as non-smokers are successful in the "try outs" for football squads.

2. In the case of able bodied men smoking is associated with loss in lung capacity amounting to practically ten per cent.

3. Smoking is invariably associated with low scholarship.