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to any cotton fabric and is especially valuable in connection with muslin because this material is so often used, especially on the stage, for dresses which, on account of their flimsy nature, are naturally highly inflammable. I have here two strips of the same muslin, one of which has been treated by the "Non-Flam" process without in any way affecting its ordinary properties and was then washed ten times and the difference in inflammability of the two samples is very striking. Whilst the first sample is highly dangerous, it is difficult to imagine that harm could come to any one who happened to be dressed in the treated material even if, by accident, a lighted match came in contact with the dress. Another direction in which the process may be used with great advantage is in connection with lace curtains. Many disastrous fires have occurred by reason of the ignition of lace curtains and there can be no doubt that the greater majority of these would have been avoided if the curtains had been treated by the "Non-Flam" process. As an example of this, I have here a strip of lace curtain which has been subjected to the process and then washed a number of times and it will be seen that if such material did accidentally come in contact with a lighted match, the danger of fire is reduced to a minimum because even supposing the material did catch fire, the flame is put out at once by the least shake.

It seems to me that it is obvious that, if this process or some other process capable of giving the same protection from fire, was adopted in the case of all inflammable cotton goods and especially in the case of material used for garments, many disastrous fires and the appalling loss of life especially among young children, might be avoided and it is for this reason that I have ventured to bring the subject of the permanent fireproofing of cotton goods to your notice this afternoon.