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PSM V82 D208 Edward Burr Van Vleck.pngDr. E. B. Van Vleck,
Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Vice-president for Mathematics and Astronomy.
week meeting, which would impress on those present and on the public the magnitude and weight of the work being accomplished for science and scholarship.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science and its affiliated societies have failed to accomplish as much as the British Association for the diffusion of science and in bringing together those engaged in scientific research and those who are or might become interested. PSM V82 D208 William Albert Locy.pngDr. William A. Locy,
Professor of Zoology at the Northwestern University, Vice-president for the Section of Zoology.
Programs of general interest were arranged at Cleveland by nearly every section, but the attendance was practically confined to scientific men. Such meetings should be brought to general attention by full accounts PSM V82 D208 J A Holmes.pngDr. J. A. Holmes,
Director of the Bureau of Mines, Vice-president for the Section of Geology.
in the local press and by reports throughout the country, but here almost complete failure must be confessed.

The council of the association took several steps intended to improve its