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Marine Hospital, Staten Island, N. Y.

In June, 1891, Dr. Hamilton resigned to be succeeded, by the appointment by President Harrison, of Dr. Walter Wyman, who had been chief of the quarantine division in the administrative bureau. In 190? the enlarging and changing functions exercised, necessitated a change in name from the old Marine Hospital Service to the cumbersome but expressive Public Health and Marine Hospital Service. In 1893 additional quarantine powers were added and additional responsibilities imposed, such as the medical inspection of immigrants. In 1875 the supervising surgeon became the supervising surgeon general, and was commissioned. By the legislation of 1889 commissions were conferred on all the regular officers of the corps. The old seamen's tax was finally abolished in 1884 and since then the service has been supported entirely by Congressional appropriation.

Examinations are held annually at Washington for candidates for admission to the corps. No more rigorous test is to be found for any medical appointment than this, lasting from a week to ten days or more. The examination covers the physical condition, literary and academic preparation, and practical and theoretical training. It includes a practical laboratory and hospital bedside examination. After four years assistant surgeons are eligible to be examined for promotion to the next grade of passed assistant surgeon. After from fifteen to twenty years' service, further examinations are held for promotion to the grade of surgeon. There are now 135 commissioned officers. This service offers one of the most attractive openings in the country for young physicians.

The splendid institution known as the Hygienic Laboratory, now recognized the world around for its excellent contributions to the knowledge of scientific medicine and of public health and sanitation,