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PSM V82 D418 Botanical researchers rest in ascent from baharia basin of the lybian desert.png

Botanical Party Resting in Ascent from Baharia Basin, Libyan Desert.

may well be through the proper use of the 'prentice system. Thirdly, they must keep in touch with the people, so that the work they do will be of benefit to the nation and will be understood to be so.

At the beginning the Rockefeller Institute appears to be fulfilling these conditions better than the Carnegie Institution, perhaps because its problems are somewhat simpler, being confined to a single group of sciences in a definite place, and cultivating a field which is generally recognized as important before all others. It is, however, the case that the Rockefeller Institute has the better organization, being under the control of a board of scientific men and

PSM V82 D418 Magnetic research party en route in the andes peru.png

Magnetic Party en route in the Andes, Peru.