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The Popular Science Monthly

Entered in the Post Office in Lancaster, Pa., as second-class matter.


The Geologic History of China and the Influence on the Chinese People. Professor Eliot Blackwelder. French Geodesy . The late Henri Poincare.

The Role of M embranea in Cell-processes. Professor Ralphs. Lillie.

The Problem of the Efficiency of Labor. Howard T. Lewis.

Bergson's View of Organic Evolution. Dr. Hervey W. Shinier.

The Abilities of an "Educated" Horse. Professor M.

V. Shea. The Advancement of Psychological Medicine. Dr.

Frederic Lyman Wells.

Immense Salt Concretions. Professor Frederic G . D.

Harris. College or University. Dr. Stewart Paton. The Progress of Science:

The Cleveland Convocation-week Meeting; An

Extinct Species of Man ; Two Seals of the Prlbilof

Island; Scientific Items.


Henri Poincare as an Investigator. Professor James

Byrnie Shaw. A Chronicle of the Tribe of Corn. Professor E. M. East. The Utilization of the Nitrogen of the Air. Professor

Arthur A. Noyes. The Laboratory Method and High-school Efficiency.

Professor Oris W. Caldwell.

How European Agriculture is Financed. Professor H.

C. Price. A Study in Jewish Psychopathology. Dr. J. G. Wilson.

The Language of Meteorology. Charles Fitzhigh Talman.

The Sweden Valley Ice Mine and its Explanation. Marlin 0. Andrews.

What Becomes of the Light of the Stars. Dr. Frank W. Very.

The Progress of Science :

The Academic Situation ; The Depths of the Ocean ; George Howard Darwin ; Scientific Itemis.

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