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Table I

Number and Per Cent, of Eminent Persons born in the Various Geographical Divisions of the United States with the Per Cent, of the Total Population of the United States in Each Division in 1910[1]

Geographical Division Eminent Persons Per Cent, of the
Total Population
of the United
States, 1910
Number Per Cent.
United States 10,000 100 100
New England 2,311 23 7 .1
Middle Atlantic 2,974 30 21 .0
East North Central 2,225 22 19 .8
West North Central 542 5 12 .7
South Atlantic 1,091 11 13 .3
East South Central 546 6 9 .1
West South Central 161 2 9 .6
Mountain 28 2 .9
Pacific 122 1 4 .6

therefore three sections of the United States—New England, the Middle Atlantic States, and the East North Central States—in which a comparatively large number of distinguished persons were born. These three groups of states lie in a contiguous territory, in the northeastern section of the United States. Of the three groups, New England, in proportion to its population, has by far the largest proportion of distinguished persons.

The figures in Table I. are manifestly incomplete. Changes in population have been rapid during the past few decades. The tide of westward movement has materially altered the population center. No final conclusion regarding the position of New England as a contributor of distinguished persons can be reached unless the gross result is corroborated by the facts showing the time at which the distinguished persons were born, and the proportion of the population in the various sections of the country at that time.

Table II

Number and Per Cent, of Eminent Persons Who Were Born at Certain Times

Time of Birth Number Per Cent.
Before 1850 2,818 28
1850-1859 2,715 27
1860-1869 2,717 27
1870-1879 1,304 13
1880-1889 95 1
1890-1899 2
Unknown 349 4
——— ——
Total 10,000 100
  1. Of these 10,000 eminent persons, 779, or 7.8 per cent., were women. Sex will not be considered in the present article.