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Dominant Recessive
Hypotrichosis (hairlessness associated with lack of teeth). Normal.
Diabetes insipidus. Normal.
Diabetes mellitus. Normal.
Normal. Alkaptonuria (urine dark after oxidation).
Nervous System:
Normal condition. General neuropathy, e. g.,
Hereditary epilepsy.
Hereditary feeblemindedness.
Hereditary insanity.
Hereditary alcoholism.
Hereditary criminality.
Hereditary hysteria.
Normal. Multiple sclerosis (diffuse degeneration of nerve tissue).
Normal. Friedrieh's disease (degeneration of upper part of spinal cord).
Normal. Meniere's disease (dizziness and roaring in ears).
Normal. Chorea (St. Vitus dance).
Huntington's chorea. Normal.
Muscular atrophy. Normal.
Normal. Thomsen 's disease (lack of muscular tone).
Hereditary cataract. Normal.
Pigmentary degeneration of retina. Normal.
Glaucoma (internal pressure and swelling of eyeball). Normal.
Coloboma (open suture in iris). Normal.
Displaced lens. Normal.
Normal. Deaf-mutism.
Normal. Otosclerosis (thickened tympanum with hardness of hearing).
Recessive characters, appearing in male when simplex, in female only when duplex.
Normal. Gower 's muscular atrophy.
Normal. Hæmophilia (slow clotting of blood).
Normal. Color-blindness (Daltonism; inability to distinguish red from green).
Normal. Night blindness (inability to see by faint light).
Normal. Neuritis optica (progressive atrophy of optic nerve).