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Popular Science Monthly

in the flowing lymph and serum, a great variety of monsters were born in the ex- periments of Professor Werber.

These experiments yielded defectives and monstrosities, similar to the Bol- linger baby, to mythical Cyclops, to Siamese twins, and to creatures without legs, without necks, minus eyes, with ab- sent ear or entire faces, with open spinals, open brains, with tails and with-


out tails, armless, and even clubbed feet. Hydrocephalus, in other words water- logged head, where the upper part of the head is so elongated as to resemble an Atlas, was. produced by alcohol and other poisons in many embryos. In many, parts of the organs were lost, shrunken or undeveloped. Sometimes only half of the body developed. Some eggs were found to have one eye de-

��A calf which started to grow a second body

��A puppy born without fore legs. It lived six weeks

���The skull of a defective pig. The ani- mal had but one eye and no face. To the left, a two-headed calf, one of the common freaks of the old-fashioned " side show "

�� �