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��Popular Sicien

Holding Asparagus in the Can X asparagus can which, when her

��metically scaled under vacuum, will collapse inwardly and thus increase the gripping action of the can on the aspara- gus, isan improve- ment on the glass jars and tin con- tainers in use at present. On ac- count of the flat- sided or paneled construction of the can the aspar- agus is prevented from rotating. The inside of the can is lacquered to resist the attack of acids on the tin.

Adding Dignity to Condensed Milk Can's CALIFOR-


���nia man has devised a tea-pot as an improved sanitary holder for cans contain- ing liquids such as condensed milk and the like. Dis- charge and vent openings are ar- ranged in the pot so that the liquid may be conveniently poured. The can is held rigidly in position by sockets. Before placing the can in the pot an outlet hole is punched in the bottom and a vent hole in the top.

Putting Exhaust Gases to Work

DIFFERING from all other spark- plugs, this new device relies on the whirling motion of the exhaust gases to remo\e carbon particles from the elec- trodes as soon as formed. One of the electrodes is shaped like a propeller, ly- ing horizontal. The other electrode is a round rod in the center of the pro- peller-diskelectrode. The gases are ex- hausted from the spark-plug recess with such force as to whirl them around and between the two electrodes, carrying all carbon particles with them.

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��cc Monthly 433

Reducing Eye- Strain

TO sa\e tile human eye from unneces- sary strain, to conserve the indirect vision and relieve the muscular spasm, a mechanical concentrator closely resembling a pair "

of spectacles or gog- gles has been in- vented. Instead of lenses the device has two variable iris-diaphram shut- ters to control the extent of the open- ings through which the object is to be \iewed and to exclude e\'erything else from the direct line of vision.

Handle and Cover for Milk Bottles

AH A N D L E and cover for milk bottles and otherlikecon- tainers consists of a device that may be quickly and easily applied to the bottle and as quickly detached. With it the bottle may be held in any posi- tion and the liquid poured. An added feature consists of a cover which is adapted to overlay accurately the bottle top. A rearwardly projecting thumb- piece enables the user to lift the cover at will.

Stopping Trains Automatically

A COMBINED signaling and stopping device for locomotive engines en- ables the engineer to recei\e all signals directly from a lamp in the cab, and in the event of dan- ger ahead throws into operation a lever which auto- matically closes the throttle valve, stopping the en- gine. A system of trip levers on the railroad track comes in contact with a lever mounted between the trucks of the locomotive, closing an electric circuit and operating the entire mechanism.

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