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��Popjdar Science Monthly

��An Ingenious Attachment for a Door-Lock

AN attachment shown in the ac- . rompanNin^ iUiistration of an ordi- nary door-lock, permits of opening the

���A nail-and-spring attachment to draw bolt of a common lock

��lock from the inside, wilhout the use of a key. The lock is not changed from its original form, and can be operated with the key in the usual manner if desired. An ordinary wire nail and a small piece of clock-spring constitute the necessary parts. The s]:)ring is attached to the bottom of the lock in such a way that when it is released the bolt is withdrawn. The nail is inserted through the bottom edge also so that its upper end will lift the tumblers out of I)osition and release the bolt.

��and west it would be easy for anyone to go in these directions by simply following the signs. Similarly, if one wished to go, say, a hand's breadth to the right or left of the beacons one could easily do so. The largest stars in the hea\-ens can be depended upon in the same way. "If >()u put the front buttons of your coat on the Xorlh Star or otiier direction stars," writes this authorit\-, ">'our right and left breasts gi\e you an angle of 45 degrees from the star and your shoulders a right angle. Also,' it is only a matter of a little practice to be able to measure 15 degrees of horizon with your hand, so you can get any number of degrees to the right or left of your direction stars, and after a little practice it l)ecomes second nature to recognize the points of the compass at sight, and you accjuire the same sense of direction as Bushmen, Arabs, and [)cople who li\e far away from ci\ilization.

"The North Star, Altair and Vega are all-sut¥icient night-guides during the spring and summer, and for autumn and winter the North Star, the sword and bell of Orion, Procyon and Regulus."

��Finding Your Bearings at Night Without a Compass

AN Englisii sur\i\-or of the South . African War who was often sent on long-distance night reconnoissance has worked out a system whereby any- one can be right at iiome in the dark witiioul compass (jr other instrument to aid the sense <jf direction. Hi' worked out the exact mo\emeiit anil direction <if the largest and most easily <listin- guished lights in llie heavens so that the least scientific eye can recognize these signs by sight and the whole dome of the heavens becomes a vast compass.

If there were fire balloons or beacons placed in the heavens north, east, south

��To Make a Sanitary Cap for the Milk Bottle

TAKE a piece of flat spring steel, such as a piece of corset stay or clock-spring, if not too hca\y, 14 •"• wide, tile length to be determined b\' the size of the milk-bottle neck o\er which it fits. ProbabK' 4'.. in. will be about the right length. Benil as shown in the illustration, making a sjjring clip to con- form to the lop of the bottle. Drill or pimch a hole 3-32 in. in diameter in the center of the clip. Cut out a disk of tr.uisparent celluloid, such as is u.sed in automobile cintains, of tln> right diame- ter to drop easily into the neck of the bottle but large enough so that it lodges on the ledge, in the neck of the bottle upon which the original j)aper cap rested. With a i)unch or sharp-pointed knife, make three circular holes in this disk, one in the center t,-t,2 in. in diameter, another one ' ,s in. in diameter 7-I6 in.

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